Wallenius Wilhelmsen Tokyo

Client: Wallenius Wilhelmsen Oceans
Year: 2019
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Programme: Office
Status: Complete
Area: 760 sq m
Team: van der Architects / CBRE
Scope: Concept to full fit-out
Photography: Josh Lieberman

This corporate interior fit-out for Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s Tokyo office featured a logical separation of spaces that met the needs of each one of their staff. A ‘ship’ composed of meeting rooms and focus spaces runs down the length of the scheme, dividing the brightly-lit desk zone near the facade and the utility zone near the core. The bow of this ship culminates in a breakout and free-address space. Here, the prevalence of calming cement-textured surfaces gives way to a warm and soft space treated in neutral hues.

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