Client: Private
Location: Svalbard, Norway
Year: 2019
Status: Competition

Submission for the 120 Hours competition.

They will live forever.

They ran a bio-hacking research facility in search of the cure to aging. But when death approached and biological immortality proved elusive, they opted for the next best thing: digital immortality. They – or a version of them – live on for eternity in the Arctic, where there are lax laws for such fringe technologies and natural barriers against sabotage.

100 years later.

Our identities are now defined by far more than our physicality, but by our entire online footprint and digital history – an alter-ego of bits and bytes.  However, the world has plunged surely into digital chaos. Hacking, impersonation and data loss have become commonplace. Even the identities of the dead continue to change as people attempt to revise history through misinformation and deletion.

 For those who can afford it, a Pyramid in the most remote location of Svalbard was the one way to protect their true identity forever. Its primary feature is a server farm which hosts every possible aspect of the person – complete neural profiles, digital recordings and 3D scans, and even AI systems that emulate the deceased’s personality by scouring their data. The satellite dish enables secure transmission of the data to anywhere in the world.

The corpse of the person is stored in a deep-freeze capsule, preserved for the day when biological resurrection becomes possible.

They shall have to settle for digital resurrection for now, locked away in a complex of digital pyramids for modern-day pharaohs.