Guangming Community Centre

Client: Private
Year: 2019
Location: Shenzhen, China
Programme: Community centre / Restaurant+Bar / Conference rooms / Offices
Status: In construction
Area: 2,165 sq m
Team: van der Architects / Shengcan Yang / William Yu
Scope: Concept / Design Development

Despite being situated 26km from Shenzhen, Guangming has a surprisingly agrarian village-like character. This project is intended to kick-start the creation of a park designated for the education of both agriculture and ecology. The first building to be constructed within this park will be a 2165m² multi-functional visitor’s centre. The double-height structure contains a multi-use space, a couple of small enclosed rooms on the ground floor and a cafeteria on the second floor.

The main building is conceived as a 10 meter-tall polycarbonate box. The materiality of the polycarbonate panels allows for fast construction but also refers to the agricultural character of the greenhouses found throughout the park. The circulation is conceived as a covered corridor running parallel in front along the whole structure. From this corridor one enters the main building, but walking further along there will be a cluster of dining rooms placed over two floors. The corridor also takes the visitors to the  decks in front of the building leading to the a pond and to the other areas of the park.